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Profile of the Organization

The All India Association for Christian Higher Education brings together higher educational institutions related to the catholic, Protestant and Orthodox Churches in an inter-state, trans-denominational forum, with a view to maximizing their effectiveness and service to the national community. AIACHE aims at the renewal and growth of member colleges as well as the promotion of the quality, value-orientation and social relevance of Indian higher education to achieve the goal of national integration and secularism. Apart from academic improvement, AIACHE also undertakes projects related to women’s empowerment, environmental conservation, action-oriented research, human rights education, human resources development, tribal development, Empowerment of the marginalized, etc.

The All India Association for Christian Higher Education (AIACHE), intends to bring together all the Christian institutions of higher learning in India, in order to promote value-based, socially relevant, faith instilled educational process for Nation Building and responsible citizenship training among the youth, both among men and women. AIACHE has celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 2016. Now it aims at leading and training Christian colleges and universities in India in the 21st century with right values, motivation and attitudes. India has above 500 Christian higher educational institutions including State Universities, Deemed to be Universities, Medical Colleges, Engineering Colleges, Arts-Science-Commerce Colleges, M.Ed.-B.Ed. training institutions, Nursing Colleges, etc. AIACHE is the common venue to voice the strength of these minority institutions. The General Secretary of AIACHE is a member of the National Monitoring Committee for Minorities’ Education (NMCME), Government of India, who can raise our issues directly to the Ministry of Human Resource Development.

Organization and Governance:


AIACHE is nationally organized as a registered Society with Principals/Chairmen/Managers as members. Membership in the AIACHE Society is open to institutions of higher education under Christian management in India, represented by their respective Chairmen/Vice Chancellors/Principals.

But our services and activities are open to all irrespective of caste or religion. The General Assembly meets every three years to elect the Executive Board and the Office Bearers. The management of the Secretariat is vested in the General Secretary who is the Chief Executive of the Association.

The Office Bearers include the President, 2 Vice Presidents, General Secretary and 2 Joint Secretaries/Treasurer. It functions under its Memorandum of Association, Rules and Regulations and the Action Plan.

AIACHE is divided into 8 Regions for effective organization and communication as

Andhra Region, Karnataka R., Kerala R., TN R., Eastern R., Northern R., North Eastern R., and Western Region. Each member belongs to any of these regions as per their geographical location.

Ecumenical Centre

The building complex and premises of AIACHE in Janakpuri, New Delhi, are collectively known as the “Ecumenical Centre”. It denotes the ecumenical commitment and heritage of AIACHE. This nomenclature is a constant reminder to the members and staff of the association to relentlessly strive for ecumenical unity in thought, word and deed – unity not only of Church denominations but also the various religious, linguistic, ethnic and cultural groups.

Services to Colleges


The Association also provides services to colleges like liaison, information, visits, advocacy, institutional evaluation, legal aid, project assistance, consultancy etc. We also organize national, regional and institutional level training programmes, workshops, seminars and conferences in various parts of India on topics such as:

• Improvement of College Administration
• In-service training of Teaching and Non-teaching staff
• Curriculum Development
• Effective teaching and evaluation methods
• Research Methodology
• Faculty motivation and Self-renewal
• Remedial education
• Human Values Development
• Gender Justice
• Bible Studies and Interfaith Dialogue
• Counselling Skills
• Development and Environmental Studies
• Soft Skills
• Leadership and managerial skills
• HIV/AIDS Awareness
• Science and Spirituality
• Minority Educational Rights
• Adolescent Education
• Campaign against Foeticide and Infanticide
• Women’s Education
• Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education
• Combating Child Labour
• Workshop/seminars for Leadership Development of Nursing Faculty/Nurse Managers.
• Empowering colleges to move from affiliation to autonomy.
• Pre-NAAC preparations, etc.
• Development into an accreditation agency

Individual Friends

Individual Friends of AIACHE are our supporters in AIACHE activities in our institutions. They can attend the AGM if they are convened in their neighbourhood, even without any special invitation. Their free services can be availed in any of the national, regional or institutional programmes.

You are welcome to join AIACHE, the only ecumenical association for higher education in India. Pl. contact the office: aiache2011@gmail.com for application form.